Custom Marine Paint

spraying metal flake paintMetal flake repair

When your boat is starting to lose its shine, or if it’s ready for a new look, we have many options from gelcoat repairs to complete topside painting. We provide high-quality paint services which are durable, attractive, and long lasting—no matter if your boat is constructed of fiberglass, aluminum or wood. We can handle your topside painting needs whether your boat is big or small, motor or sail.

The keys to a high quality marine paint job are

  • Preparation (80% of the job)
  • Cleaning, masking, sanding
  • Repairing scratches, gouges, cracks and any surface imperfections by filling and fairing
  • Priming

High quality materials

  • Proper cleaners
  • Fillers - Marine vinyl ester and epoxy fillers are stronger and provide better stability than automotive polyester fillers
  • Primers - Epoxy primers provide a better substrate and create optimal adhesion, appearance, and longevity
  • Paints - Spray application of 2-part polyester or acrylic urethane finishes that provide the highest gloss and abrasion resistance

Product knowledge and application

  • All products are applied per the manufactures’ specifications to achieve a high-quality finish
  • There is a difference between automotive paint and marine paint

Marine paint is designed for different environments and surfaces than cars. Marine paints are harder and designed for fiberglass and wood which have different expansion and contraction rates. Automotive paint surfaces are not designed to be walked on or come into contact with dock fenders. With the great amount of labor and preparation in a paint job, it makes sense to use high-quality marine materials.

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