Fiberglass and Structural Repair

Transoms - Bulkheads - Stringers - Floors

Whether by accident, water-related rot, collisions or late-emerging quality issues, our certified technicians will have your boat repaired and looking new. This includes repairing damaged fiberglass and replacing critical structural components such as transoms, bulkheads, stringers and floors. Strain on the transom sometimes can lead to water leaks, rotting, cracking, breaking at stress points and other structural damage. When hidden damage is discovered on a new or older boat, it doesn’t spell the end. We will evaluate the problem and recommend the best remedy to restore your boat to its original strength and appearance. Our fiberglass and marine technicians will use the highest quality materials and utilize professional techniques to ensure a strong repair that is state-of-the-art and safe in the harsh boating environment. If your floor needs repaired, from laying new carpet to major reconstruction, you can be assured that the floor will be trouble-free for years.

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Note: In order to give you an accurate estimate, we will need to see your boat and give it a thorough inspection. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate and check out our services and facility. Insurance work welcome.