damaged gelcoat
Severe damage, exposed fiberglass
refurbished gelcoat and new paint
Refurbished gelcoat and new paint
Extensive gelcoat repair
Extensive gelcoat repair
Refurbished gelcoat and new paint
Refurbished gelcoat and new paint
jet ski Hull repair in-progress
Jet ski hull repair in-progress
jet ski Finished with new paint and decals
Jet ski finished with new paint and decals
RV trailer cap gelcoat repair
RV trailer cap gelcoat repair and prepped for paint
Rvtrailer cap refurbished gelcoat and new paint and decals
Rvtrailer cap refurbished gelcoat and new paint and decals

If your boat has lost its original shine and is getting old and faded, it may be time for a compound and polish. Faded and discolored gelcoat requires more than a simple polish and wax which is generally used in the automotive industry. Gelcoat is a thick and harder material which requires a more aggressive cutting process to restore the shine. We offer several levels of compound and polishing services to meet your needs. Our gelcoat experts will evaluate the condition of your gelcoat and apply appropriate techniques & materials to bring back the best appearance.

To obtain the best repair of large to small cracks, gouges and impacts on your boat, we use a combination of high grade fiberglass reinforcements with vinyl ester based resins and fillers. Vinyl ester based products provide the highest strength and water resistance. We custom color match our high grade ISO gelcoat to obtain the best match and seamless repair. We also have the ability to repair the more difficult multiple colored metal flake gelcoat.

Note: In order to give you an accurate estimate, we will need to see your boat and give it a thorough inspection. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate and check out our services and facility. Insurance work welcome.

When your boat is starting to lose its shine, or if it’s ready for a new look, we have many options from gelcoat repairs to complete topside painting. We provide high-quality paint services which are durable, attractive, and long lasting—no matter if your boat is constructed of fiberglass, aluminum or wood. We can handle your topside painting needs whether your boat is big or small, motor or sail.

The keys to a high quality marine paint job

  • Preparation (80% of the job)
  • Cleaning, masking, sanding
  • Repairing scratches, gouges, cracks and any surface imperfections by filling and fairing
  • Priming

High quality materials

  • Proper cleaners
  • Fillers – Marine vinyl ester and epoxy fillers are stronger and provide better stability than automotive polyester fillers
  • Primers – Epoxy primers provide a better substrate and create optimal adhesion, appearance, and longevity
  • Paints – Spray application of 2-part polyester or acrylic urethane finishes that provide the highest gloss and abrasion resistance

Product knowledge and application

  • All products are applied per the manufactures’ specifications to achieve a high-quality finish
  • There is a difference between automotive paint and marine paint

Marine paint is designed for different environments and surfaces than cars. Marine paints are harder and designed for fiberglass and wood which have different expansion and contraction rates. Automotive paint surfaces are not designed to be walked on or come into contact with dock fenders. With the great amount of labor and preparation in a paint job, it makes sense to use high-quality marine materials.

Jet Ski Hull Repair
Regardless the manufacturer of personal watercraft you own, we have the expertise to repair any hull damage. Most jet skis are manufactured using a different process than boats requiring different repair procedures; we can handle major collision repairs, minor cosmetic touchups, and even a full paint job.

Recreational Vehicles
We also can repair and refurbish RVs, campers and trailers.

gouged gelcoat
Gouged gelcoat, exposed fiberglass
Refurbished gelcoat and matched paint
Refurbished gelcoat and matched paint
Topside polishing
Topside polishing
Polished gelcoat and oxidized gelcoat
Polished gelcoat, left and oxidized gelcoat, right
jet ski hole repair
Jet ski hole repair
jet ski hole repaired
Jet ski repaired, new paint and decals ready to go
Severe scoffing bottom of hull
Jet ski severe scoffing bottom of hull
Smooth again and new paint
Jet ski hull is smooth again and new paint

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